Self Build Wooden Conservatories

Self Build Wooden Conservatories
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Self build wooden conservatories are the original type of conservatories and date back to the Victorian period long before the days of plastics such as PVC.

Wooden conservatories are really the cream of the crop when it comes to conservatories and while they may cost more their elegance and prestige really do outshine other materials, of course they have their advantages and disadvantages over the usual standard white plastic PVC structures, these include.


The natural look – A wooden conservatory looks more natural and aesthetically pleasing than many white plastic types, there are a large selection of woods to choose from allowing you really go to town customizing the look to suit your requirements.

Go green – Wooden conservatories require less energy in manufacturing than PVC types which means less green houses gases, even if we take into account the energy used in replanting if the wood is sourced from managed forests.

Being made of wood they are friendlier to the environment, when they are replaced, the wood can easily be recycled.

Cheaper heating – Double glazed self build wooden conservatories offer good natural insulation properties with a very low U value.


Cost – Self build wooden conservatories are more expensive than self build plastic/PCV types.

Maintenance – Aside from cleaning cheaper woods will require staining/protecting every 5 to 6 years.

The right style – Not all wooden conservatories may suit their environment houses or other buildings with existing PVC double glazing.

Questions and Answers

How long will a wooden conservatory last for?

One of the main reasons that puts people off selecting a wooden conservatory is the idea that it will not last as long as a PVC type, this can be true if the wood used left untreated, as it may only last for around 4 years.

If the wood is treated properly and looked after then there is no reason why it cannot easily last for around 20 years which is more or less the same as a good PVC conservatory.

Is it really worth the extra cost?

Personally I think it is, functionally both do pretty much the same thing, but it’s a bit like comparing your best bone china to Tupperware, maybe this is a bit unfair as there are some very good PVC conservatories on the market, but the cost difference between a very good PVC conservatory and a wooden may not be that big.

Of course if your good at DIY and have a few friends to help you there are lots of self build wooden conservatories on the market, this is a great way to get a wooden conservatory for around the same price of a built PVC.

Does a wooden conservatory require more care?

Yes and no, as long as the wood is properly treated it only requires the same amount of care as a PVC conservatory which involves washing once a year, if the wood is not properly treated you may have to add protection every 5-6 years.

self build wooden conservatories

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  • jo'e says:

    Why does it sound like wooden conservatories are more work than the plastic type? After all wood is a living thing surely it will eventually rot leading to big expensess?

  • Jay says:

    What is the best type of wood for a conservatory, one that will last well and not cost the earth??

  • Zimmy says:

    How is wood better than plastic conservatories, i cant see how it would last longer, after all wood exposed to the rain, wind, sun will eventually warp or rot.

  • lonew says:

    Is it cheaper to by a self build wooden conservatory kit, or get the plans and then get the wood myself, any rough ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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