How to Build a Conservatory

How to build a conservatory
steps and tips

1. Planning permission, generally you won’t need planning permission (you can read more on this on our other pages) But it’s better to be safe than sorry, consult your local council or planning authority to double check.

2. Plan, plan and plan, check, double and even triple check all of your measurements and dimensions are correct (I normally check myself and then get someone else to double check) for an extra few minutes of time incorrect measurements will add time and money to your build.

3. Concrete base is laid based as on your plans.

4. Any brickwork such as small front or side walls is constructed.

5. Fix the initial frame to the house this will give initial strength and ensure its in the correct position.

6. Fix/Join the rest of the frames together to create your conservatory framework, all fixings and brackets should be included with the conservatory kit.

7. Connect the doors and position correctly

8. The last frame connected should be the one that connects to the house.

9. Fit the roof ridge and brackets into place.

10. Fit roofing sheets into place.

11. Add guttering and downpipes.

12. Fit any decorative roofing cresting or other aesthetic adornments.

13. Latex the concrete flooring to ensure a smoother surface.

14. Doors and windows can now be double glazed to suit your taste.

Notes on how to build a conservatory
Never completely cover or seal a drain otherwise you may find yourself having to dig through your conservatories concrete base if there are ever drainage problems.

Choose your conservatory manufacturer carefully, cheapest is certainly not best when it comes to PVC, cheap PVC doors and windows can turn yellow after around 12 months, this is due to the least amount of pure PVC being used, it’s then mixed with metallic stabilizers such as cadmium, tin or even lead and then being mixed with chalk, this will give a chalky residue that’s not totally smooth to the touch, this will also trap dirt making it harder to keep white, not only this but its more prone to cracking and mould growth.

On another note and more serious is the security, a cheap window or door will probably have cheap locks which offer little security.

One way to get an indication of the  quality of a company’s doors and windows is the warranty or guarantee, if cheap products are used the warranty will only be around 12 months, but if materials are good there is no reason why the warranty should not be 10 or even 20 years.

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  • A.B says:

    To late the drain was covered, we had no idea until it got blocked right under the conservatory and flooded neighbours gardens, the drain guys had to break the concrete floor of the conservatory to get to the blockage, total cost just over £3000, so yes never seal a drain.


  • JeyI says:

    Did you put this in yourself or did you use a conservatory build company? If you used a company they should not have sealed the drain in the first place, you might even have a case against them to recoup at least some of your expense.

  • A.B says:

    Friends of friends its was built in as a kind of favour, I could not really try to recoup any expense due to this, as well we all thought the drain cover would never have to be lifted.

  • Jpb says:

    One item you have omitted is software using some type of design software not only allows us to see what a finished conservatory can look like, but it also helps tremendously with the measurements and step by steps, but this I mean you can see each part of your conservatory build and change it around very easily before actually starting it.


  • Reynold says:

    You make it sound very easy, maybe a bit too easy for someone who is not very adept at DIY, i am currently debating whether to attempt this.


  • SBC says:

    If your really unsure why not hire someone to give you a hand, someone like a fitter who won’t be excessively expensive, this way you will get a good idea of whats involved and know its being properly built in the first place.

  • regan & george says:

    building is the easy part, its getting to this stage with the planning, building the base, dwarf walls and finding the actual conservatory that really does take all the time.

  • jas says:

    r&g did you have to apply for planning permission to build your conservatory?

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