Conservatory Bedroom

I would like a conservatory bedroom due to having a small house and too many people living there, my oldest thinks it’s a great idea as he would have lots of space, but is it feasible to convert a conservatory to a bedroom ?

I’ve checked on the web and cannot find anyone that has done this before, is this a sign that it’s not possible?

I would love to be able to move to a bigger house, but it’s not possible financially, the conservatory is easily large enough as it’s as wide as the width of the house, and around 10 feet deep.

My only concerns are

The conservatory is the only way to get into the house from the rear, so it will mean walking through the bedroom each time someone enters or leaves the house, is it possible to partition the conservatory into two rooms, I can’t see any reason why not, but if you can think of any.

  • It has a plastic roof that’s ever so noisy even when there is a small amount of rain.
  • Like all conservatories it gets very hot in the summer (although not so much of a problem in the evening and night) and freezing in the winter, which I think will be more of a problem.
  • The conservatory currently does not have any electrical points in it.

If anyone can give me any constructive tips on the pros and cons of a conservatory bedroom – if this is possible and what I’m letting myself in for work wise I’d be very grateful.

Conservatory bedroom

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  • sbc says:

    A conservatory bedroom hmmmm thats an interesting one.

    I guess in principal its not that difficult, you just need to think about the following.

    You need electricity in the conservatory, not just for lighting, but for heating on colder nights.

    The conservatory itself sounds pretty big so consider partitioning it into two seperate rooms, this way when anyone enters the house they do not need to walk through the bedroom part, plus if your oldest is a teenager they do love to layin.

    Also consider the brightness of the conservatory, this means blinds on windows (curtain in conservatories, in my opinion look plain odd) you will also need to add blinds to the roof.

    You can quieten the rain noise either by replacing the polycarbonate (plastic) with glass, or adding an external film, checkout our other article on this.

    self build conservatories a conservatory bedroom

  • downedout says:

    A conservatory bedroom come on thats really not going to be livable, you need to change your house buddy, the cost difference probably would not be huge.

  • peeps says:

    Might want to check for planning permission, this will turn your conservatory into whats classed as a permanent structure, could affect community charge, buildings insurance.

  • forwardlooking says:

    Thats a worrying point when does a conservatory get listed as a permanent structure so i need to get planning permission etc? I only ask as I am converting mine into an extension of the kitchen.

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